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Type of Woods used for Furniture

Genuine wood home furniture is the preferred furniture in everyday living. It’s been around for generations and probably existed when the cave people got tired of squatting on the dirt ground of their caves and searched all over for improved way.

There are a few types of woods for furniture. The woods that are designed for home furniture fall into three classes:

  1. Hardwoods
  2. Softwoods
  3. Composites

Even the expression ‘hardwood’ or ‘softwood’ is inaccurate. Hardwoods aren’t always harder, denser material. For example, balsa wood is among the lightest, least dense woods there is, and it’s regarded as a hardwood. Theoretically, wood is categorized based on how the tree reproduces. Being a common concept, though, softwood trees are evergreen year-round while the hardwoods generate the attractive fall months foliage that we all love a lot.

Hardwoods are viewed as the best quality and are the most highly-priced. Their natural colors differ from the pitch-dark woods to the lightest ones and they can be discolored or painted for a much wider range. Hardwood furniture is the very least likely to warp or fold and is cherished in all high-quality homes. The five woods most frequently used in home furniture manufacturing are cherry, walnut, oak, maple and mahogany.

Softwoods are less costly than hardwoods, but they demand additional care. Because they are less long lasting, it’s much simpler to damage or dent softwood home furniture. In inclusion, they generally don’t have the stunning grains of a hardwood, and for that reason don’t stain as fantastically.

Pine is a good example of a softwood that is generally used for home furniture. These woods are generally utilized in development as well so the best pieces are set aside for furniture. In construction, knots and splits are frequent. Plenty of construction wood will not agree to paint and this type of wood is utilized for racks or packing crates.

The softwood utilized in home furniture is chosen as “Appearance” wood and contains most softwood lumber that has been custom milled to a design or in any other case come up on all four sides.

Composites are the most affordable form of wood and are practically made, rather than cultivated.

  1. Plywood: a number of layers of thin wooden sheets are glued together and hard pressed. Plywood is solid and withstands swelling, shrinking and warping.
  2. Particle board: sawdust and small wood chips are merged with adhesive or resin which is then molded and pressure treated. When applied to affordable furniture, particle board is normally covered with laminate or veneer.
  3. Hardboard: is produced like particle board but it’s put under increased pressure so it’s stronger.

From a technical perspective, household furniture produced from all of these wood products is “real” wooden furniture, even the composites. Rates and quality range from the hard woods down to the composites. The good part, needless to say, is that with care and attention hardwood furniture will last for many years or even generations. If you can find the money for it, often pick out hardwood furniture.




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