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The Little Known Benefits of the Humble Mattress Topper

A mattress topper will give an old and no longer comfortable bed the additional support and cushioning it needs.

People who purchase the wrong type of mattress, which is too hard for their level of comfort, will derive significant benefits from a mattress topper. Luckily mattress toppers are quite inexpensive nowadays so that one can find excellent quality at a fraction of the cost of a full mattress, after only a bit of online or offline research.

Memory foam mattress toppers, along with latex mattress toppers, are becoming very popular, and in some cases, they are becoming the norm, particularly for families who need to watch their budgets rather closely. Of course, one should still not overlook the fact that a quality mattress topper will come at a higher price compared to a cheaper piece. However, they will last that much longer as well.

Memory foam toppers are pads made of visco elastic memory foam that is placed on top of a mattress for various additional benefits to the sleeper and the mattress as well. You can find some great examples of quality toppers at

Health Benefits

Relief of headaches and migraines

In particular, tension headaches occur most of the times due to the additional pressure on the neck muscles a less than ideal mattress adds. This is why the extra cushioning and softness given by a mattress topper will help enormously in relieving tension headaches. Often migraines are alleviated as well. Additionally, people have noticed less pain in the jaw area, teeth, started experiencing reduced tinnitus and teeth grinding.


Due to the tension and pressure that an old mattress puts on the individual’s body, arthritis discomfort, particularly in the elderly, is relatively high. The memory foam tends to absorb some of this tension, thus offering a much-needed level of comfort for the joints.

Neck and back pain

Poor quality mattress will develop back pains. The mattress topper added to the bed will soften the sleeping surface and reduce the pressure applied to the back and neck. Sometimes a pillow is all that is causing this particular pain. This is when a pillow top mattress pad will be most effective.

Lack of sleep

Insomnia is often caused by twisting and turning in bed because one cannot find a proper, comfortable position in which to fall asleep. Many times a warm and soft sleeping environment with a mattress topper that takes the contour of the body will stop the person from tossing around and allow the individual to sleep throughout the whole night peacefully.

Additional Benefits

Except the health benefits mentioned above, a mattress topper made of memory foam gives additional benefits to the user.

First, it increases the lifespan of a used and less comfortable mattress. Sometimes old mattresses become saggy in the middle, so they become very uncomfortable to sleep in, even for very healthy people. Adding a topper to a well-used mattress makes it become like new, and the mattress can be used for a few more years ahead.

The topper does not allow dust mites move in the mattress and it keeps humidity away. Dust mites are quite nasty to people with allergies and various respiratory problems, so a memory foam topper eliminates this additional risk to people suffering from these problems. And of course, the additional knowledge of sleeping in a bug/mite-free bed makes one sleep so much better.

Memory toppers are truly a godsend in many households. People who suffer from lack of sleep, from have arthritis problems, who prefer sleeping on a more comfortable surface will get all the benefits of a new mattress at a fraction of its cost without feeling any quality reduction in the old and used mattress.


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