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Country Style Furniture

There are many types of country furniture available to purchase and use in your home: English country furniture and French country furniture tend to be among the most common styles. Country furniture in general looks relaxing and inviting. It is a welcoming style to have in your home.

Choosing country furniture for your home is not as easy as it looks: To start with, decide on the pieces you need. If it is for a living room, you can get a country style couch, or maybe chairs to go with your decor. Now your decor will be country looking as well; Choose country colours in your paint or wallpaper, in your decorations and window curtains. Choose country-themed paintings or prints for your walls. You can also consider a lovely rustic wooden bed – we got ours from, which looks fabulous in the converted loft in our Chesham home.

Tapestry Wall Hanging

In a country furniture filled kitchen you will find tables, chairs, and country cupboards as well. In the kitchen, accessories that you may notice a lot of would be wood. Lots of wood trim will be exposed. You will also see a wooden bread box, and old fashioned style plates. Many baskets will be displayed along the top of the cupboards and they will be used on the table as well. You may even see red checkered curtains or a checkered table cloth on the country furniture table. There may be handmade country cushions on each chair, perhaps with bows where they attach to the legs of the chairs. There may even be a hutch against a wall with many country-themed items that are displayed inside; Plates, bowls, glasses and more.

French Country Open Bookcase

Often people who have country furniture in their home will be collectors. They will collect things like rooster ornaments, and there could be a cabinet full of them. Everything from little figurines of country-styled roosters to salt and peper shakers, to bowls and plates with the image printed on them. Another common collecting item among country furniture enthusiasts are chickens and ducks, cows or horses. Often these themes or collections will be also depicted in the artwork on the walls, or in the fabric in the kitchen curtains. Placemats or table cloths will also show the images.

Lots of country furniture rooms include many antiques: It seems that antiques often go hand in hand with the country style. You will find country antiques in a kitchen, such as old stoneware jugs and cannisters on the counter. There may be an old crock in the middle of the table, or set as a doorstop. Perhaps there may even be some antique appliances on display, such as an old wringer or washer.

The point with country furniture is that it is nice to have, but don’t go overboard with it. There can be too much of a good thing and often the country style ventures a little too close to the cluttered look.


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