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How to Choose the Best Mattress

We spend a staggering amount of time sleeping or at least trying to sleep and getting a good night’s sleep is vital for the proper functioning of the human body. With the large variety of mattresses on the market, you may find that choosing the best one for your needs can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing your next mattress:

Why is a good mattress important?

Your mattress will need to provide sufficient support while you sleep. A mattress needs to support your body in a neutral position, where your spine, buttocks, heels, shoulders, and head are in proper alignment. If this is not achieved, you will wake up feeling stiff and tired. See more about this on this site.

When should you replace your mattress?

This factor is vastly depended on the quality and make of the mattress. Many mattresses have a lifespan of around nine years. If you wake up with lower back pain, which dissipates after about 20 minutes, you might not be getting adequate support. This is a sure-fire sign that your mattress may need replacing. In addition, over time mattresses trend to collect fungi, dust mites, and germs. These can exacerbate allergies, which will then impact negatively on sleep patterns.

Which are the three most popular mattresses?

There are three main contenders in the mattress arena; they are the innerspring mattress, the memory foam mattress, and the latex mattress.

Choosing the best mattress

Innerspring mattresses remain the most widely used. The centre core of springs is made from tempered steel. This provides buoyancy and resilience. A protective casing for insulation and padding purposes surrounds the coils. The firmness and durability of the mattress are dictated by the kind of wire used for the coils as well as the number of coils in the design.

Memory foam mattresses are very common across the globe but they are considerably more expensive than innerspring mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are made from varying densities of polyurethane foam. This foam responds to weight and temperature of the body. The foam responds to the heat of the body. It is also pressure-sensitive, which allows it to mould to the shape of your body.

Latex mattresses are manufactured from synthetic or natural rubber. This provides a firm, buoyant and uniform support. These mattresses provide comfort that has been likened to memory foam, but the difference is that Latex pushes back and therefore provides better support. They do, however, come with a high price tag.

The correct tension

It is essential that any mattress has the right firmness. A mattress that is too hard will also result in sleepless nights. A good mattress should offer firm support without putting pressure on various pressure points. This will also aid in the body’s circulation as well as decreased movement during the night. A mattress that is too soft will cause your body to sink into it. This will put undue pressure on your joints and muscles. This could also result in severe muscle pinching.

Choosing the right mattress is all about your personal needs and finding the perfect fit for your body could mean that you need to shop around a little. Don’t forget to try the mattress out before buying it; pay particular attention to how your body responds to the mattress.



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