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Bathroom cleaning tips

Let’s be honest, most people would much rather do almost anything else than clean the bathroom. With that being said, getting to grips with and using basic techniques can make this rather unpleasant job a lot easier. Clean carpets is essential practice to get into. Use a professional carpet cleaner in Cardiff

The trick, is to simply be well prepared and the result will be a gleaming and clean bathroom that you could eat your dinner out of… You probably shouldn’t though, that’s a little odd.

Products & Tools

First, grab your favourite cleaning products;

  • Bleach
  • Mildew remover
  • Disinfectant
  • Glass cleaner

And then your tools;

  • Rubber gloves
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Old toothbrush
  • Sponge
  • Paper towels and soft rags

Pretreat the bath and shower then tackle the toilet

Pull on your rubber gloves then spray the bath / shower stall with the mildew remover OR the bleach, don’t use both. Leave that part alone for the moment while the spray gets to work, you can come back to that after you hit the toilet.

Use some disinfectant in the toilet and allow it to sit for a moment while you use a rag, or sponge, to down the rim and the outside of the toilet bowl. Make sure that you get the seat and lid also, and  don’t forget the back of the toilet too.

Using either your toilet brush or the scrubbing brush, get you hand in their and give the toilet bowl a good scrub and then flush.

Go back to that bath and shower

Back to the bath and shower, you may need to wet surfaces again but the majority of the work should be done for you. Grabbing the toothbrush, work your way around the areas that need your attention, always working from the top toward the bottom.

Shower doors can collect an annoying amount of soap scum, again simply scrub away with the toothbrush – wetting the areas again if you need to. Scrub around the taps, seams and plugholes. Be sure to rinse the area well with water when you are done, and then wipe down with a dry rag.

Glass shower doors can be hit with glass cleaner and paper towels, spraying the paper towels directly and working in a circular motion.

Hard water and soap

Minerals and alkalis found in water can cause those annoying little spots on your glass doors and shower walls. Keeping a squeegee in the shower can make keeping the doors and walls spot free a doddle, by wiping them down after each use. If you have carpet aswell, you should get them cleaner by these carpet cleaners in Caerphilly.

The shower should be cleaned once a week. If there is a lot of soap build up then you are going to need to scrub, there is no way around that. Simply spray with a purpose made product, leave it for a few minutes and then start scrubbing away.

Sinks and taps should be treated and cleaned the same way as the bath, while mirrors and windows should be cleaned the same way as glass shower doors. The whole process won’t take any time at all and you’ll soon have a gleaming bathroom again.

Of course, you can polish up your bathroom all you like, but make sure the problem isn’t bigger than just something that could be fixed with a good scrub. Check your boiler, check for leaks, and make sure there are no drainage issues. If there’s a nasty smell coming from the bathroom everytime you turn the water on, that is not a good sign, consult with a drainage expert immediately to get it looked at.


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